Help bring Dr Chris Del Mar home from hospital


Professor Chris Del Mar has been working at Easy T Medical Centre for the last 7 years as a GP and helping with education and training for all of our Doctors and especially our young GP Registrars.

He was the Dean of Medicine at Bond University and more recently has been the Professor of Evidence Based Medicine at Bond University.

In February 2019 during an early morning surf at Miami beach on the Gold Coast, Chris sustained a very high level spinal cord injury.

After spending over 3 months in intensive care in a Brisbane hospital, he has recently moved into the hospital’s spinal rehabilitation unit. Some of the priorities are to arrange home modifications and equipment and make arrangements for the ongoing care that he’ll need, so that he can return home as soon as possible.

Chris’s equipment needs range from the mundane (e.g. hospital bed) to those which will enable him to participate in life and the community (e.g. modified vehicle, various specialised communication and IT devices).

Chris is in the very unusual and unfortunate situation that he is not eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (due to the age cut-off) or any other insurance coverage.

This means he will not receive any funding for the considerable home modifications which are necessary for him to leave hospital.

He will receive limited government assistance for only some of the equipment that he needs.

Adjustment to a new way of being is difficult. Any contributions will facilitate Chris’s discharge home and help to enhance his quality of life.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise funds to help bring Dr Chris home from hospital. 

You can donate here: 

Your support is most gratefully received.

Dr Chris Del Mar – General Practitioner

About Dr Chris

Dr Chris joined Robina Town Medical Centre in 2012. Completing a degree in Biochemistry graduating with first class honours, Dr Del Mar worked at various hospitals in London prior to moving to Mackay in 1977. He was a full-time GP in Mackay for ten years, and then joined the University of QLD, becoming Professor of General Practice. Dr Chris is an internationally recognised researcher and academic. He is currently Professor of Public Health and Professor of Evidence Based Medicine at Bond University. Dr Chris’s research interests include respiratory infections and primary care of skin cancer.