Family Planning / Contraception

RTMC offer a range of family planning services.

Contraception options include:

  • Contraceptive Pill (The Pill) – daily tablet which works by inhibiting ovulation
  • Implanon – a small rod the size of a matchstick which is inserted into the upper arm just under the skin. Implanon slowly releases progesterone to inhibit ovulation and lasts for three years
  • Mirena – known as an Intra Uterine Device (IUD), Mirena prevents sperm from passing through the cervix and impedes implantation. Lasts 5-10 years
  • Emergency Contraception – also known as the Morning After Pill, this medication contains a high dose of progesterone to help prevent a pregnancy. The effectiveness of this pill is higher the sooner it is taken after sexual intercourse.

We also provide cervical cancer tests (pap smears) and investigate menstrual problems.

If you are hoping to become pregnant, please visit our Pre-Pregnancy Planning page to find out how you can prime your health for pregnancy.

If you are already pregnant, more information is available on our Antenatal Shared Care page.

Vasectomy Clinic – Gold Coast This site provides information about the vasectomy service provided by Dr Greg Anderson at Mudgeeraba