Sports Injuries Treatment with Low Level Laser

Have you injured yourself playing sport or working out?

Sporting injuries. Suffered by elite athletes, daily exercisers and weekend warriors. Whether it’s a sprain, strain, bruise or tear, you can manage pain, minimise your downtime and get back to the gym or game quicker utilising low level laser therapy.  Cold laser is a safe and effective method of accelerating recovery and is particularly effective for tendinopathy and soft tissue related injuries.

How does cold laser help sports injuries?

LLLT involves the application of light photons to an area of injury to block pain and promote the body’s natural healing processes.

It reduces inflammation and encourages cell reproduction, offering pain relief and treating the deeper cause of the pain.  Cold laser wavelengths are adjusted depending on the type of injury being treated and how deep the laser light needs to penetrate.

What types of sports injuries can it treat?

All sports and exercise lovers including cyclists, swimmers, runners, tennis players, cross-fit athletes, triathletes, footballers, cricketers, swimmers and dancers can benefit from this non-invasive, drug free therapy.

There are a variety of recommended treatments for sport injuries depending on the location and nature of the injury:

  • Avoiding activities that worsen the problem
  • Rest or immobilisation of the injured area
  • Ice / heat
  • Anti-inflammatory gels
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain-relief medications
  • Corticosteroid injections to relieve inflammation and pain
  • Physical therapies for strengthening and improving range of motion
  • Surgery (usually a last resort)
  • Low level laser therapy – increasingly used as a treatment for sports injuries, with impressive results

Benefits of treating sports injuries with low level laser therapy

  • Safe to use immediately after an injury
  • Reduces the need for medication
  • Positive effects on muscle fatigue
  • Reduces muscle spasm
  • Non-toxic
  • Helps to restore the normal range of motion
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Treats muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Treats connective tissues, nerves and skin
  • Relieves and potentially eliminates pain

Ten Eyewitness News Report – Laser Therapy for Injury Recovery

Think low level laser therapy might be able to help you heal from an injury faster? Watch this video explaining how professional sportsmen Nick Maxwell (Collingwood Football Club) and Glenn Maxwell (Victorian Cricketer) have had great success with low level laser therapy, returning from sports injuries in record time.

Low level laser therapy is an effective, painless alternative to traditional treatments for sport injuries (and drug-free)

Clinical Evidence

A 2012 study assessing the effect of low level laser on tendon healing found that LLLT accelerated tissue repair by promoting the growth of collagen, one of the main components of a tendon. Similarly, a 2011 study into skeletal muscle repair suggested laser therapy encourages circulation at the site of injury, accelerating muscle repair.

Used on its own or in combination with traditional treatments under the guidance of a GP, cold laser can be effective in reducing or eliminating pain, while also encouraging healing.

Low level laser could work for you

Instant or long-lasting relief cannot be guaranteed as results vary for each patient due to age, health condition, type of injury, lifestyle and concurrent treatments.  However, clinical evidence and our patients’ experiences indicate low level laser to be a worthwhile and effective treatment option for a variety of sports injuries.

We welcome you to book a session or speak to our laser team for advice.