Initial Consult: $37.05 (full Medicare rebate)
Standard Treatment
$67 (no Medicare rebate)

Treatment sessions are with qualified laser Doctors and therapists. Treatments are conducted using our medical-grade low level laser machine.

Get Myalgia & Muscle Pain Relief with Low Level Laser Therapy

What exactly is myalgia?

Myalgia is a general medical term used to describe muscle pain that can be triggered by a range of causes. When you get a muscle ache in one muscle or a group of muscle due to overexertion, exercising or playing sport for instance, this is a symptom of a muscle injury and is referred to as myalgia. Muscle pain or myalgia can also result from infections, inflammatory conditions, viruses and certain pharmaceutical drugs.

How does cold laser help myalgia?

Low level laser has therapeutic benefits including pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects.  Cold laser stimulates cell growth and regeneration and improves blood circulation, encouraging the body’s natural healing processes. Muscle injury and pain is characterised by damaged cells lacking in Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP)  – the energy or basic food source for cells. When cold laser is applied to the skin surface, the damaged cells absorb the light and transform it into ATP to restore and heal the cell.

Why use cold laser to treat myalgia?

  • Treats the cause of pain while relieving painful symptoms
  • Non-invasive and painless
  • At least as effective as anti-inflammatory medication

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