Dr David Bartlett BMBS
Practice Principal, Interest in General Medicine, Teaching, Practice Administration

Dr Nicole Hutchison  BSc MBBS FRACGP
Family Planning, Women’s health, General Medicine

Dr Lisa Beecham    MBBS FRACGP
Interest in immunisation, paediatrics and women’s health

Dr Aruni Abeywardena    MBBS
Interest in general family medicine and women’s health

Dr. Robert Tiller    M.B.ChB
Diploma Obstetrics, Diploma Community Health
Interest in Skin and general family medicine

Dr John Barr     M.B.Ch. B. UK, FRACGP
Interest in Diabetes, Asthma, nutritional medicine

Dr Jane Smith  MBBS, FRACGP, Grad Dip FM, MHS
Interest in general practice and family medicine

Dr Colinette Margerison
Women’s health, General Medicine

Dr Megan Kelly (GP registrar)
Geriatrics, paediatrics, Women’s Health

Dr Gregory Shrimpton MBBS
Family medicine, paediatrics, skin cancer

Dr Ailie Brown   (GP registrar)
Women’s health, General Medicine

Dr Nicole Langsford MBBS (GP registrar)
Interest in Women’s health, General Medicine

Dr Louise Knapp  (GP registrar)
Women’s health, General Medicine


Dr David Bartlett BMBS
Practice Principal, Interest in General Medicine, Teaching, Admin

Dr Brian Larter  MBChB (Cape Town)  FRACGP MFGP FACRRM Aust
Interest in Family Medicine, Skin, Paediatrics, Procedures

Dr Roger Halliwell    M.B.Ch.B. F.R.A.C.G.P.
Interest in General Medicine

Dr Annelies Geissler   BMBS, FRACGP, DRANZCOG 
Interest in Women’s Health and Paediatrics

Dr Peter Barry MBBS
Interest in General Medicine

Dr Graeme Brown
Interest in General Family Medicine

Dr Chris Del Mar
Interests in family practice, skin, Paediatrics and procedures

Dr Catherine Jackson
Interest in General Family Medicine, Women’s health and Paediatrics

Dr Zoe Ormiston (GP registrar)
Child health. Women’s health, obstetrics and aged care

Dr Samara Perrott (GP registrar)
Interest in General Family Medicine

Dr Alex Denshire
Women’s health, General Medicine


Clinical Psychology: Dr Kamal Dhaliwal & Robyn Farley

Generalist Psychology: Kate Bartlett

Dietitian: Nadia Campagnolo

Podiatry: Chris Hope, Andrew Kang, Espen Sigvartsen

Diabetes Education: Deb Singh

Laser Therapy: David Bartlett and Jorja Wilson

Visiting Cardiologist: Paul Klaassen

NURSES: Marti, Ros, Jenny, Helen, Heidi, Gabi

Allergy & CDM  Nurse: Martine

RECEPTIONISTS: Tracy, Renee M, Jess D, Jess B,  Judith, Bernie, Michelle, Nat, Gail, Ricki, Sue, Nicole, Emma

JUNIOR: Liz and Ashli

PRACTICE MANAGERS: Rachel Wallis & Cindy Frost

OUR MEDICAL CENTRES are committed to comprehensive general practice care to all individuals and families in this community.   We have a shared database between our centres so your clinical information is available wherever you attend.

APPOINTMENTS – Consultation is by appointment. Patients presenting without an appointment will be fitted in at the earliest available time. Urgent medical matters will always be dealt with promptly.    Please “check-in” with reception on your arrival to avoid an unnecessary delay in the waiting room. Please cancel appointments prior to the allocated time.

Every effort is made to keep to appointment times but this is difficult due to emergencies, walk-in patients or unexpected longer consultations. To help us schedule appropriately, please tell our receptionists if your consultation is likely to be long (e.g. insurance medicals, postnatal checks, pap smears, counselling,  excisions, or more than one member of the family is to be seen.

ONLINE APPOINTMENTS: Book your next appointment online!

CONTINUITY OF CARE AND DOCTOR OF YOUR CHOICE. We endeavour to help you see the doctor of your choice. All evidence suggests communication between doctor and patient is improved when a good relationship exists between both parties. We recognise it is not always possible to see the same doctor, so our system of recording notes takes this into account.

WAITING TIME – We have several measures to assist in streamlining the waiting room and improving patient flow in our Medical Centre. Please advise the type of appointment you need when booking or if the Doctor or Nurse has advised you to have something done at your next visit.  Please check in at reception on arrival.

STERILISATION – Reusable instruments used for procedures are sterilised in an autoclave under high temperature and pressure conditions to meet the Australian Safety Standards.  Disposable equipment is used in many instances to ensure patients safety.

HOME VISITS – We provide house calls for patients of this practice when necessary on request. It is preferable for patients to attend the surgery as we are better equipped for examination and treatment.

AFTER HOURS – If you require medical attention afterhours please ring either surgery number 5578 9000 or 5503 6333.

For emergencies ring 000 or attend the closest hospital to you.

TELEPHONE CALLS – Doctors can take phone calls when time permits. If busy, or involved with another patient, they may elect to call you back.  The nurse can help determine urgency but most problems are best dealt with in a consultation.

PROCEDURES – The doctors can perform many minor surgical procedures if required (e.g. removal of moles or skin lesions, treatment of simple fractures).   Cryotherapy (for skin cancers and warts etc.), nebuliser, pap smears and resuscitation equipment is available.  A longer appointment time may be required so please inform the receptionist.

INVESTIGATIONS- Doctors in the practice can perform electrocardiograms (ECGs), lung function testing, blood sugar testing, pregnancy tests and hearing tests. Blood collection for pathology, X-rays, CT scans, ultrasound, mammograms, and endoscopy tests can be arranged elsewhere as needed.

PATIENT TEST RESULTS – Patients are required to return for a consultation to obtain test results, preferably with the doctor who ordered the tests.  If any results are abnormal and/or require urgent attention we will contact you. Please make sure we always have up to date phone number and address details.

PATIENT RECALL FOR PREVENTATIVE CARE –  To further improve our service to you, we have implemented a Patient Register for Preventative Activities. This is a Reminder/Recall System in which we contact the patient by mail or phone for follow-up of a preventative activity such as a skin check, cholesterol or blood pressure check, Pap smear, Mammogram or Prostate examination etc.  Our practice takes part in state and territory registers which help us work out who is due to be seen.  Patients attending this practice will automatically be included on our Reminder/Recall Register. Please inform the Doctor, Nurse or Reception if you choose not to be included.  You will need to sign a form for us to keep on record showing this.  The purpose of our register is purely as a service to patients from this practice and confidentiality is ensured at all times.

CHRONIC DISEASE PREVENTION- We are committed to helping our patients prevent the development of chronic disease.  We encourage you to take advantage of our practice nurses and the time you spend with your doctor to “measure up” and have your modifiable lifestyle factors assessed.

HEALTH ASSESSMENTS- For our patients over 75 we recommend a yearly health assessment which is a comprehensive review of a wide range of health issues. (Home assessments can be arranged).    Patients aged 45-49 are also eligible and encouraged to have a detailed health check to help identify chronic diseases for which you may be at risk. The assessments are a great way to establish a base line for your health.

TRANSFER OF MEDICAL RECORDS – If your require a copy of your records to be sent elsewhere our practice sends a summary for free, but may charge up to $30 for preparing complete records.

DISABILITIES – It is surgery policy to cater for people with special needs and disabilities.  If you are experiencing difficulties please approach or call our staff who will be willing to assist.


Our practice provides training for GP registrars who are in their early years of General practice but are experienced doctors having done several years in the hospital.

BILLING POLICY- To deliver and maintain the high quality of health care provided at Robina Town Medical Centre, we are unable to bulk-bill all consultations. Payment is required at the time of consultation with either EFTPOS or cash. We do not accept cheques.

Details of specific consultation fees can be obtained from our Receptionists.  Some services are always privately charged such as Antenatal, Pap smears & Paperwork etc.


All CHILDREN up to the age of 16 years and if you hold a current Medicare Card.  Also if you hold a:

  1. Pensioner Card
  2. Health Care Card
  3. Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

This is for standard appointments of up to 10 minutes.

Certain services and longer visits may not be bulk-billed, eg pap-smears,   some long visits and certain types of paperwork.  Your doctor will inform you before the work is carried out.

YOUR MEDICAL INFORMATION & YOUR PRIVACY – Our practice uses computerised Medical Records to record information, order tests, provide prescriptions and file Specialists reports. Our computers are password protected, and backed up daily. All information recorded at the surgery is confidential. We follow the Australian Federal Privacy Laws and Standards for the private health sector. At times your information may need to be shared with other Health Care providers via a referrals or pathology \ x-ray requests. We have a Privacy Policy Brochure and a Written Practice Privacy Policy available on request or in our black waiting room folder.

HEARING OR LANGUAGE ISSUES? –To help our GP’s ensure they fully understand the nature of their patients’ problem and patient’s fully understand the outcome of the consultation we use an Interpreter service where necessary.

THIS PRACTICE IS ACCREDITED– which is the process of measuring and ensuring quality in the General Practice. Accreditation is based on standards developed by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Government representatives. Accreditation is a sign of this practice’s ongoing commitment to Quality Patient Care

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.  Our practice is participating in the ‘Close the Gap’ Government initiative. To allow us to tailor appropriate care and assist with this government health initiative please tell us if you identify with being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin.

Sharing of information for other reasons

Our practice participates in quality improvement and research evaluation activities.   Any information shared is de-identified and unable to be tracked.   This is used to improve the quality of care and helps in regard to pooling of knowledge, expertise and resources to fill in gaps and meet health care needs of our local and wider communities.

PATIENT RIGHTS AND FEEDBACK – We recognise patients have certain rights and we endeavour to support these rights. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the services or if you feel your rights are not supported, we would appreciate your comments. Patient feedback forms are available on the Reception desk.  Should you wish to take any complaints further you can contact:    Office of the Health Ombudsman.    Ph:  133 646