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Mask required on entry as per Government directives and our practice ‘condition of entry’. Please note even with an exemption we are not obligated to see you so please avoid disappointment and book a Telehealth instead. Your GP can let you know how to proceed. Thank you for your understanding.

There has been a recent announcement 2nd dose of AstraZeneca can be given earlier. Please note, due to current bookings we are unable to move appointments earlier. Please do not ring Reception to ask. Keep an eye on the website and if this changes we will update here.


Is the preferred vaccine for those 60 years and over
It is currently not recommended for those under 40
If you had AZ dose 1, you must have AZ for dose 2 to complete your immunity
If you had a severe reaction you may be eligible for a Pfizer vaccine

Is the preferred vaccine for those between 12 and 59
Also if had a severe reaction to AZ dose 1 or a contraindication to AZ
Depending on stock levels you may go on a waitlist and we will call you when ready.
If you can come at short notice please let Reception know as if someone fails to attend we may call you quicker.

*Please note we only book appointments when our Pfizer stock is received to you may go on a waitlist to begin with*

Feeling unwell on the day of your appointment?
If you, or someone with you has the following symptoms you must not enter our practice:

  • Temperature, Sore or blocked ears, Sore throat, Sniffle, Cough
  • A recent negative Covid test
  • Gastro (Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhoea)
  • Even if you think it’s asthma or a possible allergy

If you had a face to face appointment please ring and change it to Telehealth and stay home.
If you need a physical examination you may be directed to attend a respiratory clinic which is set up to see possibly unwell people. You can also book directly with them by phone or HotDoc.
(They limit numbers in the rooms, wear full protective gear and do extensive cleaning in between).
If unsure, ring before leaving home so we can tell you what to do.

Telehealth criteria is a valid Medicare card and a face to face visit at our practice in the previous 12 months. If criteria has not been met there may be an $80 fee with no rebate, payable after the call.

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Telehealth appointments

We have the option of phone and video. HotDoc will send you a video link and instructions so if necessary you and the Dr can click a button and open the video waiting room.
When the doctor calls, the patient must always be present (if not there is an $80 fee, no rebate)
The call needs to be medically necessary for the GP to be able to bulk-bill
Telehealth is suitable for simple appointment reasons, more complex issues like medical, insurance or WorkCover services should be booked through Reception as some appointments need a double appointment or treatment room time allocated. Check with Reception if you are unsure as the practice reserves the right to invoice for lost GP time you if you book inappropriately or we find you have not attended in the previous 12 months etc.  The face to face requirement is waived if the practice or patient is in a Commonwealth declared Covid hotspot .

Face to face visits:

Please read our door signs before entering as entry conditions often changes.
We are here to help you but patients deliberately attending when unwell is taken very seriously as it puts patients and staff at risk of infection which means a COVID test, time off work and possibly masses of patients being rescheduled.

Anyone coming in to the Medical centre without a mask will be asked to leave.  Your decision to not wear a mask does not over-ride our obligation to provide a safe workplace and environment for staff and other patients.  If we see any behaviour considered to be intimidating, bullying or upsetting to our staff, security or Police will be called and you will be terminated from both our practices.



There are 4 respiratory clinics on the Gold Coast offering a safe environment for testing of mild to moderate respiratory conditions including COVID-19. No referrals are required and there is no cost - although bookings are essential.



Gold Coast Health runs free fever clinics to test for COVID-19. Located at Robina Health Precinct (near Robina Hospital) and Gold Coast University Hospital. Open 7 days.

More information here:


You can phone 13health (Dial 13 43 25 84) to access free information and advice from nurses about risk factors, testing options and other concerns.




The Flu vaccination offers protection from common influenza strains.

Robina Town and Easy T Medical Centres have a good supply of both private and government vaccines for our patients.

This year both the Private and Government flu vaccines cover four strains of flu. You are eligible for a Government flu vaccine if you meet certain age and Medical criteria. If you are over 65 your vaccine is 'supercharged'. Check your eligibility for a free flu vaccine here.  Private flu vaccines are currently available for $20 each.

You must allow a minimum of 3 weeks between the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine.



If you are attending an appointment please immediately use our antibacterial hand gel.

AFTER that you can check in via the kiosk screen or through Reception.

To maintain social distancing please come by yourself or if the patient is a child with one parent or carer.   We aim to have as few people waiting in the practice as  possible.   If you choose to wait please let a reception know and they will message your doctor.

PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE AND INFECTION CONTROL: Regularly wash your hands or use hand sanitiser. Avoid touching your eyes or mouth after touching external objects such as stair rails, shopping trolley handles etc.  Wearing gloves will not protect you from infection if you touch your face (or items you will later touch with bare hands) whilst wearing them.  Remove or adjust your mask using the ear pieces, don’t touch the front of the mask or you may be spreading infection.

    These 4 websites offer reliable, up-to-date information to keep health professionals and the community informed of the latest Coronovirus (Covid19) updates: