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As at 3 May, as per Government directives, we are offering the AstraZeneca vaccine for anyone 50 and over or meets the following criteria: healthcare worker, persons with underlying medical conditions and critical and high risk workers.

Due to recent government information re potential blood clot issues, our practice will no longer be offering the Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccines to anyone under 50.

If you believe you are eligible please mention this at your next appointment.

The COVID-19 vaccination eligibility checker is a questionnaire that can help with understanding when the vaccine will be available to you.


    Currently practice consultations are conducted either by a bulk-billed phone or video consultation (Telehealth) or a face to face visit if well. 

    Face to face visits can be booked online or through Reception if you are unsure what type of appointment you need so we can book you appropriately.

    If you have a valid Medicare card and have seen a GP at our practice in the previous 12 months, feel free to book a Telehealth consultation online. For a smooth consultation aim to book with your usual GP.

    Please read our signs before entry as this information is often updated.

    Fees: Telehealth services are generally bulk-billed (if it is a Medicare allowed service).  You may be asked to attend the practice  if you are well and Telehealth is not appropriate for your situation.

    Face to face: Some services still require payment – please ring Reception to check if you are unsure.

    For example:

    • You do not have a concession card
    • Medicals, Travel, or insurance paperwork
    • Some Procedures or treatment room services like private immunisations or vaccinations
    • Workcover (whilst your claim is pending)

    Book online or via Reception.



    If you are experiencing any respiratory symptoms, you should get tested for COVID-19. Early detection can help ensure you get the care you need quickly and you don't spread the virus to others.

    To keep our practice free from infection:

    YOU MUST NOT ENTER if you, or someone with you, has any of the following symptoms, no matter how minor:

    • Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhoea
    • Sore ears, Sore throat
    • Sniffle, Cough
    • A recent negative Covid test
    • Or you think you have asthma or a possible allergy

    Although not every illness is Covid, we have unimmunised and immunocompromised patients attending so it is important they avoid infection.  Also if a health worker becomes ill they must stop working, have a Covid test and stay home until results are back (and they are well).  This is disruptive to every patient booked with that doctor.



    There are 4 respiratory clinics on the Gold Coast offering a safe environment for testing of mild to moderate respiratory conditions including COVID-19. No referrals are required and there is no cost - although bookings are essential.



    Gold Coast Health runs free fever clinics to test for COVID-19. Located at Robina Health Precinct (near Robina Hospital) and Gold Coast University Hospital. Open 7 days.

    More information here:


    You can phone 13health (Dial 13 43 25 84) to access free information and advice from nurses about risk factors, testing options and other concerns.




    The Flu vaccination offers protection from common influenza strains.

    Robina Town and Easy T Medical Centres have a good supply of both private and government vaccines for our patients.

    This year both the Private and Government flu vaccines cover four strains of flu. You are eligible for a Government flu vaccine if you meet certain age and Medical criteria. If you are over 65 your vaccine is 'supercharged'. Check your eligibility for a free flu vaccine here.  Private flu vaccines are currently available for $20 each.

    You must allow a minimum of 3 weeks between the flu vaccine and the COVId-19 vaccine.



    If you are attending an appointment please immediately use our antibacterial hand gel.

    AFTER that you can check in via the kiosk screen or through Reception.

    To maintain social distancing please come by yourself or if the patient is a child with one parent or carer.   We aim to have as few people waiting in the practice as  possible.   If you choose to wait please let a reception know and they will message your doctor.

    PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE AND INFECTION CONTROL: Regularly wash your hands or use hand sanitiser. Avoid touching your eyes or mouth after touching external objects such as stair rails, shopping trolley handles etc.  Wearing gloves will not protect you from infection if you touch your face (or items you will later touch with bare hands) whilst wearing them.  Remove or adjust your mask using the ear pieces, don’t touch the front of the mask or you may be spreading infection.

      These 4 websites offer reliable, up-to-date information to keep health professionals and the community informed of the latest Coronovirus (Covid19) updates: