Child Immunisation

Child Immunisation / Vaccinations

Robina Town Medical Centre offer a range of child immunisations. The QLD Immunisation Schedule outlines the routine child vaccinations recommended and funded for Queensland children.  Additional vaccines are funded for medically at-risk children and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Immunisation helps to protect children from the most serious childhood infections, some of which may threaten their lives.

Immunisation Appointments

What happens at your child’s immunisation appointment:

  • Before the immunisation, you will need to answer some questions and sign a consent form. You need to tell the doctor if your child has a fever or is unwell.
  • Most vaccinations are given as an injection in the arm or leg. The Rotavirus vaccine is given by mouth.
  • We usually suggest to be ready to breastfeed or have a bottle ready after the vaccination for your baby if this will help to comfort him or her afterwards.
  • You will be asked to remain at the practice for 15-30 minutes after the vaccination depending on your child’s age.

Side Effects of Immunisation

Immunisations are safe although as with all medications there can be side effects. A handout with a detailed description of possible side effects will be given at the time of immunisation so you know what to expect. The most common side effects include a mild fever and pain at the injection site.

School Immunisation Program

The School Immunisation Program offers parents the opportunity to have their high school student vaccinated for free through their school.  If this is missed during the school program we can administer the necessary vaccination in our clinic.

Further Information

For more detailed information, please visit the Childhood Immunisation information on the Victorian Better Health Channel website.

If your child is due for their immunisation, please make an appointment with your GP. They will check your child is well prior to our nurses administering the immunisation.

For adults, see our Adult Vaccinations page.

We also do Travel Vaccinations.