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Skin Cancer Clinic Gold Coast

Welcome to the Robina Town Skin Cancer Clinic, where our experienced and qualified skin doctors look after all areas of skin cancer – from initial examination right through to treatment, follow up and future prevention.

You can visit our friendly skin doctors at two convenient locations on the Gold Coast – Robina Town Centre and Easy T Centre. It’s easy to switch between practices, your medical records are on our centralised database. Offering everything you need from a Skin Cancer Clinic including Skin Checks, Skin Cancer Imaging, Biopsies and a range of Skin Cancer Treatments such as Excisions, Cryotherapy, Curettage and Topical Treatments to help simplify skin cancer care for our patients. We also offer Advanced Skin Cancer Surgery options at our Easy T Skin Cancer Clinic including Skin Grafts, Flap Procedures, Lower Limb Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery.

Our doctors are dedicated to providing you with expert, comprehensive care. The Gold Coast has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in Queensland so it’s essential to make your skin a priority. Book an appointment at Robina Town Skin Cancer Clinic or Easy T Skin  Cancer Clinic today.  We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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Robina Town Skin Cancer Clinic

You can make an appointment with our dedicated Skin Cancer doctor, Dr Nicole Hutchison for a thorough, full body skin check. Dr Nicole offers expertise in skin cancer identification, treatment, biopsies and excisions. We also offer Skin Cancer Imaging, which involves magnifying the skin with a camera attached to a Dermatoscope, to keep track of changing lesions over time. Please let us know if this is a service you are interested in.

Easy T Centre Skin Cancer Clinic

You can make an appointment with Dr Brian Larter who offers additional experience and qualifications in skin cancer identification, biopsies, excisions and advanced skin cancer surgery. Potential skin cancer surgery needs can be professionally and cost-effectively attended to by Dr Larter and procedures available include skin grafts and flap repairs using plastic surgery techniques, as well as lumps, bumps, tumours, cysts, lipomas, growths and excisions on the head, neck and face areas and lower limbs. 

Approximately two out of every three Australian’s will receive a skin cancer diagnosis by the time they reach 70 years old.

While the consequences of this condition are potentially devastating; early detection is critical in giving the best possible chance of a full recovery through simple and effective treatments. Skin abnormalities can display themselves in the form of irregular moles, blemishes and skin lesions so many people have obvious warning signs but this isn’t always the case.  Often, a melanoma can be underneath the surface of the skin completely invisible to the human eye and warning signs don’t appear until it becomes a serious problem.

Prevention through early detection offers each patient a much higher chance of a positive outcome, so it’s vital to have your skin checked regularly and thoroughly, we make this convenient for you with our skin cancer clinics, operated by a local GP you can trust.  Regardless of your age, lifestyle, or physical condition, skin cancer checks should be as integral to your healthcare routine as your regular trip to the dentist.

In most cases, treating skin cancer is a straightforward medical procedure which causes minimal pain and disruption.  In extreme cases, and if left untreated, skin cancer can be fatal.  While you might have no signs or symptoms of skin cancer, or you believe those unidentified lumps and bumps to be completely harmless; your skin health is something that should never be left to chance.

At Robina Town and Easy T Skin Cancer Clinics, we’re committed to providing our patients with a holistic range of skin cancer treatments unrivalled in quality. Beginning with routine skin cancer checks, and, if necessary, ending with surgery and post-treatment follow-up plans; our sophisticated range of equipment and treatment options ensures our patients receive skin cancer care that is second to none.