My Medicare

What is My Medicare and why should I register?

MyMedicare is a new voluntary patient registration initiative by the Federal Government aimed at strengthening the relationship between patient, GP, and primary care team.

Patient Registration has now commenced for all patients who have attended the practice at least twice in the last 2 years.

By registering for MyMedicare, patients can get access to:

  • A formalised ongoing relationship with your general practice and preferred GP, which has been shown to improve health outcomes
  • Longer MBS funded telephone consultations with your usual GP
  • Longer bulk billed telehealth consultations for children under 16 and Commonwealth concession card holders, at the new triple bulk billing rate

How to register as a MyMedicare patient:

Signing up for MyMedicare is easy and can be done through your Medicare online account, the Medicare app, or in person at your preferred clinic.

It's important to note that if you choose not to register with our practice, you will still continue to receive the comprehensive level of care as you currently do.

Here’s the 2 main ways you can register:

a) Start the registration process in your Medicare Online Account or Express Plus Medicare Mobile app. Our team will then complete the registration in the MyMedicare system.

b) Alternatively, we can start the registration in MyMedicare, and this will trigger a registration in your Medicare Online Account or Express Plus Medicare Mobile app, which you can then complete.

c) You can also fill out a registration form at our practice. By signing the form, you are giving your consent to participate in MyMedicare with our practice. Practice staff will then complete the registration in the MyMedicare system.

You can choose to register with another practice if you prefer.

More information here: How to Register for My Medicare

More details on MyMedicare - and the benefits

By signing up for MyMedicare now, you can enjoy the main benefit of accessing Medicare rebates for longer telehealth consultations. In 2022, the government removed Medicare rebates for telehealth appointments longer than 20 minutes and longer than 40 minutes. However, if you register through MyMedicare, you will regain access to these rebates.

The out of pocket cost for telehealth appointments will vary depending on your GP's billing policy.

Encouraging patients to visit one GP

While the MyMedicare scheme encourages patients to visit one GP for better health outcomes and continuity of care, individual circumstances should come into consideration.

Some patients may need to see multiple providers for different needs.

Factors to consider include:

  • Unique expertise offered by different GPs
  • Preference for a specific gender of doctor, e.g. a female may prefer to see a female doctor for women's health concerns
  • Patient location / convenience
  • Cultural preferences

Rest assured, you are not locked into your initially registered practice or preferred GP and can make changes at any time.

However, if you do change clinics, please note that two face-to-face appointments may be required before your telehealth benefits fully take effect, unless exemptions apply to you.

Future plans for MyMedicare

MyMedicare will gradually roll out over three years. Details are still being finalised, although from mid-2024, two additional incentives will become available:

Aged Care Incentive, which will provide payments to doctors who make regular visits to MyMedicare registered patients in residential aged care.

Frequent Hospital Users Incentive, which rewards doctors for offering comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care to individuals with complex chronic diseases. This type of care aims to reduce hospital visits for these patients.

As the MyMedicare program continues to unfold, we remain committed to providing you with the latest updates and ensuring that you receive the best possible care and support.