Our GP’s provide a range of travel medicine services to assist individuals and families with their overseas travel plans.

Health Risks

If you are travelling overseas you need know any health risks applicable to the countries you are visiting. Whatever your age, level of fitness and level of overall general health, health issues still need to considered in your travel planning.

We encourage all patients to take measures to avoid getting sick. Our doctors are able to provide advice about health issues and vaccinations in preparation for travel.

  • Travel health planning should begin at least six weeks before departure. Although it is never too late to seek advice if you have left it later than this.
  • Your GP can provide expert advice about health risks at your destination, including any travel vaccines or medication you may need, and methods to prevent other diseases that vaccines do not cover.
  • Some medical conditions increase the risk of getting a blood clot during a flight, your GP can advise on precautions to take

Travel and Chronic Health Conditions

If you have a chronic health condition we strongly urge you to have a thorough check-up with your GP before you leave to ensure you conditions are stable and you have an action plan for managing any issues that come up during your trip

Your GP can provide a letter regarding your prescription medication requirements to keep with your medication during any customs checks. We recommend to keep a stock of your medication in your hand luggage.

Contact us at least 8 weeks before departure to ensure vaccinations that require a course of treatment can be completed in time.  A checkup closer to your departure is also beneficial to reduce the risk of illness and ensure prescriptions are up to date and in sufficient quantity for your holiday period.

Find out more about the travel vaccinations we offer to help prepare you for your holiday.

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) maintains a comprehensive listing of Travel Health Alerts.

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