Newborn and babies doctor

Newborn Baby Doctor – Breastfeeding, cry/fuss, sleep and mood

Do you need help with breasteeding or an unsettled baby? Our GP’s Dr Annelies Geissler have a special interest in breastfeeding and cry/fuss issues in babies and have completed additional training in Neuroprotective Developmental Care, also knowns as the Possums programs.
They are now offering a great service for new mums who would like support in this area. Areas of expertise include:
  • Neonatal breastfeeding / lactation advice
  • Assistance with latching
  • Poor baby sleep and crying issues
  • Reflux babies
  • Maternal mood
  • Parent mental health support
The Possums program aims to protect the infant gut and rapidly developing brain during the first 12 months of life, while supporting parents’ mental health and psychological resilience. The program uses the latest research in sleep science, lactation science, neuroscience, gut science, attachment psychology and evolutionary biology to offer a shift in much of the popular advice parents receive.