Medical Assessments

Over 75 Health Assessments

An Over 75 Health Assessment is an annual assessment covered by Medicare to help define the health needs of patients in this age group and make recommendations based on our findings.

The assessment looks at physical and psychological health and which preventative health care initiatives may be appropriate. It aims to improve independence and quality of life in the home and community. Any significant others or carers are also encouraged to be present at the time of the assessment.

We are now able to offer these assessments in your home with Noreen and her team of Gold Coast Nurse Professionals. Noreen has been helping Dr Barr at Robina Town Medical Centre for many years and provides a very good service. We recommend you take advantage of this great service when the nurse rings you to arrange a time to visit you in your own home.

After you have the assessment performed, a report will be given to your doctor and they will need to complete the assessment and discuss the results with you.

You may only need a small helping hand on occasion, such as going shopping or house duties. Or perhaps you need more assistance with regards to medications, wound care, or personal hygiene. We have all the information you need about what assistance is available to you in your community and can put you in contact with these organisations and groups.

Patients over 75 years are required by Queensland law to have a yearly medical for their drivers license; this can be done at the same time as the health assessment and signed off by your GP at your appointment.

45 – 49 Year Old Health Check

The 45 – 49 Year Old Health Check is fully covered by Medicare. It is around this age that patients are most likely to start developing health issues. Getting on top of any symptoms early on can help avoid possible chronic diseases later in life that could have a significant impact on wellbeing and future health.

What’s involved in this health check?

  • Collecting information about your health history
  • Examinations and investigations
  • An overall assessment of your health
  • Providing advice and information about strategies to achieve lifestyle and behaviour changes
  • Provide referrals to other healthcare professionals where necessary
  • A written report with recommendations

If you think you are at risk of developing a chronic disease or have a family history of chronic disease, please contact your GP today to discuss the 45 – 49 year old health assessment.