Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease is the leading cause of mortality and illness in Australia.  Our experienced GP’s are able to assess your risk and work with you to minimise this risk over time.

Important factors are used to provide an individual risk assessment:

  • Family history of cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes and other risk factors
  • Smoking
  • Blood pressure
  • Hypercholesterolaemia (presence of high levels of cholesterol in the blood)
  • Activity levels
  • Nutrition
  • Weight

This can then be the basis for lifestyle adjustment, medication and further investigation as necessary.

If you are aware of some of your recent results, here is a simple Risk Calculator that you can use to get a guide to your current risk. It is also useful to play around with some of the numbers to see how your risk can come down with improvements.

Cardiovascular Testing

Exercise Cardiac Stress Tests are performed at our Easy T Medical Centre by Dr Brian Larter. This test can help determine if there is any sign of Cardiac Ischaemia (lack of blood supply) with exercise for those patients at higher risk. It is also a useful way to make sure an exercise program can be started safely. Please book at Reception.

Further useful tests are CT Coronary Artery Calcium Score, CT Coronary Angiography and Stress Echocardiograms, which can assess the presence of Cardiovascular Disease in more detail. These tests are more appropriate in some situations, please discuss with your GP for more information.

Cardiovascular Disease Management

At Robina Town Medical Centre, we use a team based approach to help you manage Cardiovascular Disease. We recognise that lifestyle adjustment is a major component of improving outcomes, specifically:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Dietary Modification
  • Increasing Activity Levels
  • Weight Control
  • Reducing Alcohol Intake

In addition, medication and involvement of cardiologists is often required to optimise treatment. Dr Paul Klaasen is our visiting cardiologist.

All doctors at Robina Town Medical Centre are able to organise this care for you and are able to develop Management Plans and arrange Team Care with other providers. We are also able to assess and manage other illnesses such as Diabetes and Psychosocial issues that can have an impact on Cardiovascular Disease. We recommend a yearly Flu Vaccine to help prevent Influenza which is more serious in the presence of Cardiovascular Disease.

Chest Pain Action Plan

It is also important to be aware of what to do in case of chest pain and to have a Chest Pain Action Plan.

Chest pain or discomfort may be caused by your heart muscle getting insufficient oxygen. If this lack of oxygen is prolonged, the heart muscle is in danger of becoming permanently damaged.

There are 3 important steps to remember if you develop chest pain:

  1. STOP what you are doing
  2. SIT DOWN and rest where you are
  3. 15 MINUTES. If you have a nitrolingual spray/ Anginine with you, (if you are not feeling dizzy or light headed) place your medication under the tongue. Take your medication every 5 minutes. DO NOT allow the chest pain to go longer than 10-15 minutes. As you are taking the 3rd spray or tablet, you should be calling an ambulance.

DO NOT DRIVE YOURSELF. Get someone to drive you to hospital. YOU MUST CALL AN AMBULANCE.


Next Steps

  • See your GP for a Blood Pressure Check
  • Over 50? Book in with your GP and ask for a Heart Health Check