GP Management Plans & Team Care Arrangements

GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements help you and your doctor manage your chronic health condition.

GP Management Plans

These are a plan of action between a doctor and a patient with a chronic (long-term) medical condition, for example, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease.

This plan of action is created to record goals and actions discussed between the patient and their GP, which aims to improve the patient’s health. It identifies a patient’s health care needs and priorities, outlines the services their GP will provide, and lists the actions the patient can take to help manage their condition.

Patients are eligible if they have had, or will have a chronic condition for at least 6 months.

Team Care Arrangements

Patients with a GP Management Plan in place who also have complex care needs are eligible for a Team Care Arrangement. This allows GP’s to refer patients at least 2 other health care providers, who will provide different ongoing treatment and ongoing communication with each other. For instance Allied Health Professionals such as a physiotherapist, dietician, podiatrist or asthma nurse.

Medicare provide a rebate for up to five visits each year with eligible Allied Health practitioners.

GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements are prepared once every 2 years and reviewed every six months.