Micro suction ear wax removal – is it for you?

Micro suction ear wax removal is a treatment procedure that can be successful for those experiencing regular ear wax build up.

Ear syringe treatments are a more common ear wax removal treatment although can feel uncomfortable and messy.

Cotton swabs should be avoided at all times as they tend to push ear wax further into the ear canal, worsening the problem.

Methods to clear stubborn ear wax have evolved, and micro suction ear wax removal could be a helpful solution for you.

If you’ve been living with persistent ringing in your ears, or your conversations are dished up with a side of irritating background noise, keep reading to find out more about ear wax removal and how micro suction may put an end to your ear wax build up.

What is micro suction ear wax removal?

Ear wax removal with micro suction is a progressive treatment which removes ear wax with a small steel instrument attached to a suction wand inserted directly into the ear canal.

The thin tube gently sucks or vacuums the wax out while the whole ear area is monitored with a microscope, so the practitioner can visually observe the wax removal.

Why choose this method to remove ear wax?

Micro suction relies on a vacuum movement to remove ear wax and is one of the cleanest, simplest and safest ways to remove ear wax build up and clear blockages in the ear canal. The procedure eliminates the need for water or messy solutions and won’t lead to further damage that can occur when wax is pushed further down the ear canal.

Benefits of micro suction

Results are instant

While your GP may prescribe ear drops after the procedure, you will only need one treatment before noticing a marked difference. In cases of excessive wax, further treatments may be required to avoid future build-up, however, follow up treatments may not be necessary and will be individually recommended after your appointment.

Clean and hygienic

There’s no water, liquids, gels or messy fluids needed for micro suction ear wax removal. This method is clean and clear, significantly reducing the risk of infection associated with traditional methods of ear wax removal.

Safe for everyone

Ear wax suction eliminates the need for injecting water or liquids into the ear canal making it safe for everyone, even those with hearing difficulties or conditions such as perforated eardrums.

A thorough medical assessment takes place before treatment to discuss the patient’s full medical history and to decide if the procedure is appropriate.

Comfort for the patient

The procedure is painless for most patients and, after the initial consultation, only takes a few minutes. Designed to provide an efficient method to remove ear wax, patient comfort is first and foremost for your practitioner.

Results provided at the time of treatment

Using microscopic technology, we can show you immediately after the procedure where the blockage was removed so you can see (as well as hear!) how effective the treatment was.

Considerations of micro suction ear wax removal

While micro suction ear wax removal has relatively few limitations and is a comfortable, effective and low-risk procedure, as with any treatment, there are some points for patients to consider.


The noise the suction wand makes may cause some patients a small amount of discomfort, but again, this is rare and depends on patient tolerance.  Suction pumps vary in noise level and are designed to create a vacuum motion while causing as little discomfort to the patient as possible.

Damage to the ear canal

If the patient makes a sudden movement during the procedure, there is a risk of injury to the ear canal or drum. This is an extremely rare outcome and isn’t a reflection of the ability of the practitioner or the equipment used in the procedure.

Overall, micro suction ear wax removal is a minimally invasive and straightforward treatment. With a microscope providing visibility of the ear canal and wax movement at all times, it’s a safe procedure that will clear ear wax build up to improve hearing and reduce persistent discomfort for the patient.

To arrange an appointment to discuss micro suction ear wax removal in more detail, book online at Robina or Easy T, or phone our friendly Reception team on 07 5578 9000.