Cracked heels in winter, Kokoda challenge and heel pain in older children – the latest news from our Podiatrist

Have you been suffering from painful cracked heels this winter? There are a number of self-care strategies you can follow to relieve this painful condition but a podiatrist can help identify the cause of damage to skin in the heel area. Read on for the latest news from our Podiatrists at Robina and Easy T. 

How to relieve cracked heels

Cracked heels are a common problem, especially in the dry Winter weather. If you have cracked heels, it’s best to treat them before the cracks become deep, to avoid bleeding or infection. Strategies you can use at home include:

  • Applying moisturiser to the affected area every day
  • Wearing socks after moisturising to try and trap the moisture in the skin
  • Using a pumice stone to reduce the thickness of hard skin on your heels

In many cases, these treatments will be adequate to relieve cracked heels, but not always. If not relived quickly and easily with self-treatment, a Podiatrist has the tools to more efficiently debride thick hard skin in order to help the healing of cracked heels. Podiatrists can also help to prevent ongoing problems with cracked heels by assessing factors that may be causing increased mechanical pressure in the heel area. For more professional advice regarding cracked heels, see one of the team at Entire Podiatry Robina.

Are you training for the Kokoda challenge?

Entire Podiatry are once again proud sponsors of the 2016 Kokoda Challenge event which is being held on the Gold Coast on 16-17 July. In addition to providing support throughout the event, Entire Podiatry are also offering a $20 discount* on initial consultations for any participants in the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge. Simply tell us your team name when booking an appointment with Entire Podiatry at Robina. To make your appointment book online or phone 07 5503 6399 (*offer valid until 31 July 2016; discount applies to initial consultation fee only).

Saturday morning podiatry appointments now available

Can’t find the time to see a Podiatrist during the week? Entire Podiatry are now offering appointments on alternate Saturday mornings at Robina Town Medical Centre. To make your appointment book online or phone 07 5503 6399.

Does your child have heel pain?

Sever’s disease is the most common cause of heel pain that we see in children aged 10 to 14 years. In this condition there is inflammation to the growing area at the back of the heel bone. This inflammation is usually self-limiting, and often ceases around the age of 16 years. However, to reduce pain and maintain activity levels before this time, podiatry treatment can help to reduce strain and inflammation. Depending on your child’s needs and foot biomechanics, treatment for heel pain can including stretching exercises, heel lifts, or arch supports including orthotics.

For more information on cracked heels or heel pain, or to make an appointment, book online or phone 07 5503 6399.