Erectile Dysfunction

It is really important to speak to your doctor if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

It is not something to be embarrassed about and importantly, erectile difficulties can indicate other serious health problems. It can also be caused by medications you are taking.

Erectile difficulties can be a physical or a psychological problem. A simple medication may help or you may need to see a specialist such as a Urologist for further investigation.

Preparing for your appointment

Being prepared for your appointment will help. Let you doctor know:

  • When you first encountered the problem
  • What medications you’re taking
  • Any other health issues you’ve noticed
  • Whether you use drugs, drink alcohol or smoke
  • If you’ve been anxious, stressed or depressed
  • If there is a common situation where the difficulties occur.

It may initially feel awkward to talk to your GP about erectile dysfunction. However one simple appointment can make a huge difference to your health

To book a longer appointment with your doctor for multiple or complex issues, please phone Reception on 07 5578 9000.

For a standard consultation with your doctor, please book online:

Our Consultations

To help suit the needs of our patients we offer both short and long consultations. It is helpful if patients requiring longer appointments do not book these online as we cannot guarantee the extra time that is required. Online bookings are best for standard, 10 minute appointments. We encourage you to phone Reception and make a longer appointment for multiple or complex matters to ensure our doctors can give you the attention you need.