Healthy Living

Healthy living for women – for a brighter future.

Healthy living is the best foundation you can give yourself to avoid illness today, and into the future.

Exercising regularly, eating a balanced and nutritious diet, sleeping well, and reducing stress all contribute to a healthy life that will make you feel better for longer.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible for people with existing medical conditions or physical challenges in their lives so your GP can recommend further treatments to ensure you live with optimal health and reduce your risk of serious illness.

A good relationship with your GP is essential for you to manage physical and emotional issues, as well as receiving the support you need through various stages of your life to contribute to maximising your healthy lifestyle.

Here are some ways your GP can contribute to your healthy life:

Drug and alcohol dependency

Your GP can help you manage any dependency on alcohol or drugs, including cigarettes. Through frank discussions regarding your behavior, they will provide you with practical tools to manage your addiction as well as refer you to counselling services, and rehabilitation if necessary.

An excess of harmful substances in your body can have severely detrimental effects on your long-term health so it’s important that you talk to your GP to manage any potential problems.


Your GP can give you a referral for a blood test to make sure you’ve been immunised for all preventable disease including whooping cough and influenza. If test results show you’re at risk, in most cases you can be vaccinatted immediately at our practice.

Mental health

If you’ve been suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, or any form of mental illness; your GP can refer you to a counsellor or psychologist experienced in your specific area. Mental health can display itself through physical symptoms too, so ongoing assessment of your mental health is an important pillar of your physical health.

Management of chronic conditions

Chronic conditions such as arthritis, chronic fatigue and diseases such as fibromyalgia are often untreatable yet require specific support to manage the symptoms. Your GP will refer you to specialists in those areas who can provide a range of treatments which will make you as comfortable as possible to ensure you function at your optimum best as much as the chronic condition will allow.


Obesity can lead to a large range of serious health concerns including heart disease, cancer and a higher risk of stroke. Your GP can provide advice and guidance on how to manage your weight down to a safe level and can provide alternative options if these are unattainable due to poor physical condition.

Living a healthy lifestyle is in the best interests of you and your family. If you have any concerns that are holding you back from living a healthy lifestyle, make an appointment with your GP today.