Low Level Laser Therapy

If you’re suffering from injury, overuse or chronic pain, this can mean precious time away from your daily activities, family, exercise and hobbies.

Low level laser therapy is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment that may help provide relief for these conditions.

Low level laser may assist with the restoration of movement, function and pain relief.


What is low level laser therapy?

Low level laser therapy (also known as LLLT or cold laser therapy) uses infrared laser light as an energy source to stimulate cells and tissues. This may help to relieve pain and reduce swelling and inflammation using the body’s natural healing processes. 

Low level laser therapy is essentially a therapy using light. The light produces a chemical change within cells of the body that may result in faster healing. Similar effects that are well-documented in medicine include the use of sunlight to promote Vitamin D synthesis and the use of ultraviolet light to produce tanned skin.

Low Level Laser Therapy on the Gold Coast

You can book an initial assessment at our Robina Town Centre practice to see if we can help. Laser Therapy sessions are carried out in our laser treatment room at Robina.  Laser Treatments are provided by Dr David Bartlett and Josie Stanley, our dedicated Laser Therapist. 

Frequently Asked Questions about LLLT

How does low level laser therapy work?

LLLT uses a cold laser, a laser with the complete absence of heat. It is placed into contact with the skin and a beam of light energy goes into the tissue and interacts with the tissue.  Cells receive energy from the laser light which after a complex chain of reactions, improves their ability to perform cellular functions. These functions include cell division and respiration, increasing circulation and restoration.

Is low level laser therapy similar to surgical lasers?

The laser does not break or hurt the skin like surgical lasers.

Can anyone use cold laser therapy?

Cold laser therapy is well tolerated and can be used to treat people of all ages.

What are the conditions you can treat with cold laser?

Some of the conditions we have helped with include:

  • Sports injuries

  • Neck pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Tendonitis

  • Tennis elbow

  • Sciatica

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Rotator cuff injury

  • Repetitive strain injury

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Osteoarthritis

Are there areas of the body that cannot be treated with cold laser?

We do not treat:

  • Over sites of active cancer

  • Over the thyroid gland

  • Over the uterus during pregnancy as a precaution

  • The laser should never be pointed towards the eyes as it can cause permanent damage

How long is a low level laser treatment session?

Treatment duration depends on the condition or injury and the size of the area being treated. Treatments are generally 10- 30 minutes duration.

How many laser treatments will I need?

Low level laser therapy often requires more than one treatment. The number of sessions needed depends on your body’s response to laser therapy.  Some patients have reported feeling less pain after their initial treatment while others take longer.  You will be able to tell within a couple of sessions whether your body is benefitting from the treatment.

What happens at a laser appointment?

We have a dedicated laser treatment room at our Robina Town Centre practice. You can discuss your areas of concern at your initial assessment appointment, and a treatment protocol will be determined from there.

You will wear safety glasses to protect your eyes and you will either sit or lie down during your treatment.  Areas of pain are treated for short periods of time with the laser probe surface directly on the skin or close to it.

Where can I find more information?