Low Level Laser Therapy

If you’re suffering from injury, overuse or chronic pain, this can mean precious time away from your daily activities, exercise and hobbies. It can also cause pain and frustration. Low Level Laser Therapy is a drug-free, non-invasive, effective option for treating these conditions. Low level laser targets the underlying problem causing pain, and the symptoms, resulting in restoration of movement, function and pain relief.

Dr David Bartlett encourages patients to live an active lifestyle, although if injury or pain occurs, he has a special interest in the use of Low Level Laser Therapy as a treatment.  Dr Bartlett is the only doctor at Robina Town Medical Centre offering low laser therapy.

What is low level laser therapy?

Low level laser therapy, also known as LLLT or cold laser therapy, uses an infrared laser light as an energy source to stimulate cells and tissues, improving their functioning, promoting healing and blood flow. This eases eases pain using the body’s natural healing process.

  • Provides pain relief by treating the cause and alleviating the symptoms
  • Accelerates healing, getting you back in action faster
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling, meaning less discomfort after an injury
  • Reduces reliance on pharmaceuticals under your doctor’s supervision

The process of LLLT is effected by light. The light produces a chemical change within the cell that promotes healing. Similar photochemical effects that are well known in medicine include the use of sunlight to promote Vitamin D synthesis, and the use of ultraviolet light to produce tanned skin.

Treatments are painless and do not hurt or heat the skin

The low energy laser means there is no tissue damage or pain. It is non-invasive and fast acting which means you can walk out of our clinic feeling better than when you arrived. There is no heat, radiation or ultraviolet light so you can be assured there are no health risks.

Enjoy moving more freely

Our patients are enjoying the increased range of movement and pain reduction after receiving treatment for pain caused by sports injuries, accident injuries and conditions such as sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome. The healing effects of low level laser therapy are truly remarkable.

Many types of pain can be treated with cold laser

Chronic pain

Chronic pain applies to pain or discomfort that persists for more than 3 months on a regular basis. Complex and problematic to treat, it can be mild or severe, constantly recurring or sporadic.

Acute pain

Acute pain refers to pain that arises from surgery, injury or illness, wear and tear. Acute pain is typically short in duration and disappears when the cause of pain has healed or been treated appropriately.

Parts of the body that can be treated

  • Muscle pain / myalgia – Deep or sharp aches in the muscle, can be constant or sporadic
  • Joint pain – Aching, throbbing, heat in the joints
  • Ligament pain – Pain and stiffness
  • Tendon pain – Pain, weakness, swelling and heat
  • Nerve pain – Tingling, burning, stabbing pain
  • Back pain – Upper, middle or lower back pain with various pain symptoms
  • Neck pain – Spasms, aches, stiffness, tingling, headaches, reduced motion
  • Knee pain – Pain, swelling, lack of motion
  • Myofascial trigger points –  Pain coming from the muscles and the connective tissues (fascia)

Exactly how does the cold laser work?

The infrared laser is placed over the area of injury for a length of time, at a specific dose. The laser emits light photons – particles of light. These light particles are absorbed by the target area and interact with cells.  This interaction is the the catalyst for a chain reaction that heals the damaged tissue.

Cold laser therapy uses various wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin through the epidermis (top layer of skin) dermis (middle layer of skin) and hypodermis (deeper level of fat and connective tissue) to a depth of 2 to 5cm.

“Researchers have identified anti-inflammatory effects across a range of laser wavelengths and doses… Tissue repair can also produce long-term benefits to relieve chronic pain conditions”

– Dr Roberta Chow

Low Level Laser Therapy has been in use for 30+ years in Europe, UK, North and South America. It is well supported by clinical research and is used by many high profile sporting teams in Australia and around the world.

Low Level Laser Therapy on the Gold Coast

You can experience less pain and speed up healing – without medication or surgery. Low level laser therapy uses cold laser light at different wavelengths to both encourage the body’s natural healing processes and block pain nerves.

Book an initial assessment at our Robina Town Centre practice to see if we can help you. Laser Therapy sessions are carried out in our laser treatment room at Robina.

Frequently Asked Questions about LLLT

How does it work?

LLLT uses a cold laser, a laser with the complete absence of heat. It is placed into contact with the skin and a beam of low-light energy goes into the tissue.  This light energy interacts with the tissue. Cells in the tissue receive energy from the laser light which after a complex chain of reactions, improves their ability to perform cellular functions. These functions include cell division and respiration, increasing circulation and restoration.

Is it similar to surgical lasers?

LLLT does not break the skin like surgical lasers. The laser does not hurt or heat the skin and is therefore referred to as non-invasive and painless.

Can anyone use it?

Cold laser therapy is well tolerated and can be used to treat people of all ages.

Are there areas of the body that cannot be treated?

We do not treat:

  • Over sites of active cancer
  • Over the thyroid gland
  • Over the uterus during pregnancy as a precaution
  • The laser should never be pointed towards the eyes as it can cause permanent damage

How long is one treatment session?

Treatment duration depends on the area being treated and are generally 10- 30 minutes duration.

How many treatments will I need?

Low level laser therapy tends to require more than one treatment. The number of sessions needed depends on the individual, the injury or condition, concurrent therapies and the body’s response to laser therapy. As a general guide, 2-3 weekly sessions over a period of 1-3 months may be required, with some conditions requiring ongoing maintenance sessions to maintain the optimum level of pain relief.

  • Some patients have reported feeling less pain after their initial treatment
  • Within a few sessions, blood circulation is improved and inflammation is reduced, meaning the body’s healing process is usually well underway
  • Research indicates LLLT can be as effective as anti-inflammatory medications (and with no side effects)
  • LLLT / Cold laser has cumulative benefits, so for chronic pain it can take months for the full effect of the treatment to be felt
  • You will be able to tell within a few sessions whether your body is benefitting from the treatment

How deep does the laser go?

Shorter wavelengths are used for skin level tissues such as wounds and scars.  Longer wavelengths are used to target deeper tissues such as muscles, ligaments and tendons.

What happens at an appointment?

We have a dedicated laser treatment room at our Robina Town Centre practice. You can discuss your areas of concern at your initial assessment appointment, and a treatment protocol will be determined from there.

You will either sit or lie down during treatment and wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. Areas of pain are treated for short periods of time with the laser probe surface directly on the skin or close to it.

Find out more about our laser team and what to do after your session.