Red Book Health Checks

QLD Personal Health Record Book (red book)

The red book is an important guide and record for you and your child. Produced by the QLD Department of Health, it is given to all parents in Queensland after the birth of a baby. The red book allows you to record details of your child’s health, growth, development and immunisations / vaccinations.

Bring your red book to all of your child’s immunisation appointments.

When your child is immunised, a health check will also be carried out. This will assess your child’s:

  • height and weight
  • head circumference
  • hearing
  • oral health
  • development and activity
  • other areas depending on the child’s age.

Healthy Kids Checks – with the 4 year old Immunisations

The Healthy Kids Check promotes early detection of lifestyle risk factors, delayed development and illness and provides the opportunity to introduce guidance for healthy lifestyles and early intervention strategies.  When your child comes in for their healthy check (usually at the same time as their 4 yr old immunisations) an assessment of their physical health, general well-being and development will be made.

While the government is phasing out the Healthy Kids Check from November 2015, you can still book an appointment with your GP to have your 4 year old’s health assessed in a longer consultation. Please let Reception know when you book.