Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Vaccine

Children's RSV Prevention Program has commenced

RSV is a virus that cause the common cold and more severe infections in young children. The RSV monoclonal antibody can be given to babies to protect them from severe infections like pneumonia.

Babies at increased risk are those born before 37 weeks, babies born with a low birthweight, babies under 12 months of age, children under 2 years with other medical conditions.

Babies will be offered a birth dose in hospital although can also have the vaccine at our practice if the hospital dose is missed.

Eligible patients:

  • Babies born from 1st Feb 2024 onwards
  • ATSI babies less than 8mths old
  • Babies less than 8mths that fit eligibility criteria
  • Babies 8mths - 20mth with certain complex needs **these doses may need to be ordered separately (until 31st Oct)

The best time to have this done is at the 7-10 day check with your GP.
Phone our reception team to book in your baby.