Teen Health

Teen Health / Adolescent Health

Teenagers require a different approach to their health as they mature from child to adolescent. It’s helpful if teens can form a good relationship with their doctor. The right doctor will help you to feel at ease, answering questions openly and without judgement.

Teen Health Matters:

  • Physical health –  GP’s offer a great starting point for advice on nutrition and exercise
  • Mental health – A GP can help with a variety of treatment options for those suffering from depression or anxiety. If you are a victim of bullying your doctor can also help by recommending counselling options for example.
  • Immunisations – it’s essential to keep up to date with these to ensure protection from life-threatening diseases. If you missed out on the school immunisation program your doctor can assist.
  • Menstruation – If you are experiencing painful symptoms it is best to have a check up with your doctor to rule out any serious menstrual conditions.
  • Contraception – Many young people speak to their GP about contraception. If you think you would like to use a form of contraception you can discuss this with your doctor. 
  • Sexually transmitted infections – Even if you are taking the contraceptive pill, have a contraceptive implant or contraceptive intrauterine-device (IUD) you still need to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). The only way to do this is to use condoms. We carry out STI testing which usually involves a simple urine test.
  • Drugs, alcohol and tobacco – Use of these substances can seriously affect your physical and mental health and cause many health problems now and in the future.  Your doctor can advise how to address drug or alcohol abuse and quit smoking.

All of our doctors are available to discuss teen health issues. We recommend you check out our individual doctor pages to find a doctor that you feel you could be comfortable speaking to.

Teen Health Resources

There’s some great trusted health resources available for teenagers:

National Youth Mental Health Foundation – provides support for young people going through tough times, helping them get the help they need for problems affecting their wellbeing.

QLD Youth Health – provides information on various Youth Health issues and services available. Covers sexual health, mental health, relationships, diet and exercise, alcohol, smoking and drugs.

Teen Health South Australia – offers information for teenagers on how to be a happy teenager, covering the areas of health, wellbeing and having fun.

Teen Sexual Health Services – facts about Sexually Transmitted Infections and how to avoid them.


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