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Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth lets you connect with your GP, nurse practitioner and allied health providers over the phone or via video-conference for your consultation, from the comfort of your own home.

Both of our practices are conducting Telehealth appointments for doctor appointments where it is safe and clinically appropriate to do so.

If you require an in-person consultation, please phone our Easy T Practice Reception on 5503 6333 or our Robina Reception team on 5578 9000. 

Criteria for a telehealth consultation are as follows:  

  • You must have a valid Medicare card
  • You must have seen one of our GP’s in the past 12 months
  • Book a Phone or Telehealth appointment online or via Reception
  • For a smooth consultation aim to book with your usual GP

Please be aware, you still need to attend (or pay) for some services e.g.

  • Non-Medicare services like Medicals, Travel, or insurance paperwork
  • Procedure or treatment room services like immunisations or vaccinations
  • Workcover (whilst your claim is pending)

Any Australian with a Medicare card can access telehealth services via phone or videoconference. This is a temporary measure until 31 December 2021 and different requirements may apply after this date.

More information is available in the Department of Health- Patient Factsheet


Telehealth – Frequently Asked Questions:

Will i be charged a fee?

These new items are bulk billed, meaning patients will not have an out of pocket cost for these services. You will need to assign the Medicare benefit you would receive to your treating health professional.

Can I be prescribed medication via telehealth?
Yes, the medical practitioner can mail or email a prescription to you or your pharmacist.
Can my treating health professional order me a test? (e.g pathology test)
Yes. There is no difference between a video and face-to-face consultation in terms of ordering pathology and diagnostic imaging tests. In practice, the arrangements for these tests could vary between email, fax, or mail.
Do I have a choice if my practitioner suggests a video consultation?
Yes. If a video consultation is suggested and you do not have the necessary technology, you may request to have the service by telephone. Your health professional may also prefer a face to face consultation.
Where can I have a telehealth consultation?
Patients must be located in Australia, eligible for Medicare and not be an admitted patient to a hospital.
Can I choose who will be in the room with me when I have the video consultation?
Yes. Depending on your isolation requirements, you may have support from a friend or family member. This should be discussed with your treating health professional.
Are there special privacy requirements for video consultations?
The same privacy requirements that apply to face to face consultations will apply to video consultation/telephone consultations. Patients should discuss any concerns with their treating health professional.
What if I am asked to pay a co-payment or a fee to the healthcare provider in addition to being bulk billed?
If a service is bulk billed, the healthcare provider accepts the Medicare rebate as full payment; you cannot be charged any other costs such as booking, administration or record keeping fees.
What if the video/phone connection drops out? Do I need to make another appointment?
No, it is the same service; once you have reconnected, you should continue the consultation as normal.
Can I attend more than one consultation in a single day and still be bulk billed?
Yes. You can attend multiple consultations on the same day and by the same medical practitioner, provided the subsequent attendances are not a continuation of the initial or earlier attendances.
I am not sure I have received a quality service via telehealth. What can I do about this?

If you have not received a satisfactory health service, you can:

Where can I find more information?

COVID-19 National Health Plan resources for the public, health professionals and industry are available from the Australian Government Department of Health website.