Cervical Screening Clinic – Saturday 30 March, 2019

A Cervical Screening Test clinic (formerly referred to as ‘Pap Smear’) will be held with Dr Colinette Margerison at our Robina Town Centre practice. 

The Cervical Screening Test is more effective than the previous test at preventing cervical cancers, because it detects human papillomavirus (known as HPV).

The new Cervical Screening Test looks for HPV which can lead to cell changes in the cervix.

HPV is a common virus that can cause changes to cells in your cervix, which in rare cases can develop into cervical cancer.

Once you have had your first Cervical Screening Test, you will only need to have one every five years instead of every two, if your results are normal.

Cervical Screening Clinic – Sat 30 March

  • $80 payable on the day ($37.60 Medicare rebate)
  • Test only  (please book another appointment if you wish to discuss unrelated issues)
  • Bookings via Reception 07 5578 9000

Book now and tick this essential and potentially life-saving test off your to-do list this year.

The new Cervical Screening Test

The new Cervical Screening Test is more effective at detecting the virus that causes cervical abnormalities at an earlier stage than the previous test, known as the Pap Smear or Pap Test.

Having a Cervical Screening Test is a standard part of a doctor or nurse’s job. They are nothing to be embarrassed about.

What happens at a Cervical Screening Test?

The whole procedure is usually completed in just a few minutes. You can read more information about Cervical Screening here.

Further investigation may be required depending on your results. Your doctor will guide you on what happens next.

If you receive a low risk result, you can safely return for a Cervical Screening Test in five years.

To book: Phone 07 5578 9000