Allergies in Children

Kids Allergies: Identifying some of the not-so-obvious symptoms

There’s no doubt about it; kids get sick a lot!

From the moment they’re born, parents become experts at knowing when their child is out of sorts, whether they’re vying for attention or if, worst case scenario; they’re extremely unwell.

When allergies in children start to manifest, the difficulty is that their symptoms can fall under one or all of those categories so kids allergies can often be hard to diagnose by mum or dad.

If your child is continually suffering from any of the following symptoms and you haven’t had an adequate medical diagnosis, it’s important to get them professionally examined to make sure that they’re not suffering from allergies.

As many allergies begin in childhood, early detection means that you’ll reduce the short-term symptoms as well as reduce any long-term side effects too.

Congestion in the nose

When you are exposed to something you’re allergic to (an ‘allergen’), the body’s response is to release a chemical called histamine. The presence of histamine can cause many symptoms including a runny nose, blocked sinuses, scratchy eyes, and a general feeling of being unwell; all similar to symptoms of the common cold.

When a child is allergic to pollen, dust, or any environmental pollutant which they’re exposed to; one or all of these symptoms can cause pain and discomfort. If left untreated, the allergic reaction may cause long-term problems with breathing and development of teeth and facial bones.

Infections of the ear

Histamine can cause ears to become blocked which leads to problems with hearing and painful ear infections. If left untreated, allergies that affect the ears may result in permanent hearing problems and in younger children, poor speech development.

If ongoing ear infections are a problem for your child; they could be suffering from allergies, and it’s important to get them professionally tested.

Stomach upsets

Allergies in children aren’t always the obvious diagnosis when it comes to upset stomachs. There are many places kids can pick up common bugs and infections which produce the same symptoms of vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea.

If your child has an allergy to a food or a food group; symptoms don’t always display themselves immediately which can also make it difficult to spot a pattern.  Even newborns can suffer from food allergies if they’re breastfed and intolerant to something that their mum is ingesting, so be aware of stomach upsets which occur regularly.

Anaphylactic shock

While many allergies cause illness and discomfort, the most severe cases can cause anaphylactic shock which hinders breathing and can put your child’s life in danger. If you are unaware that your child is allergic to something, it may not be immediately evident that the distress they are in is actually a severe allergic reaction.

Immediate and urgent medical attention is required in these circumstances.

Early diagnosis is best

There is no one-size-fits-all when looking at the symptoms of allergies in children. It’s important that if your child is suffering from an allergy that it’s diagnosed as soon as possible.

Not only will this reduce the immediate discomfort that your child is in, but it will also minimise the risk of further complications later in life.

If your child has ongoing symptoms of any nature, call Robina Town Medical Centre today to book an appointment with your doctor and visit our dedicated allergy nurse. Children aged 2 years and older can be tested.

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Allergy testing can only be booked by phoning our Reception, you cannot book for this service online.