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Robina Town Skin Cancer Clinic

Welcome to Robina Town Skin Cancer Clinic, where our experienced and qualified skin cancer doctors look after all your skin cancer concerns, from initial skin examination right through to skin cancer diagnosis, treatment, follow up and future prevention. We encourage all adults to have regular and thorough skin checks. If you notice something unusual-looking on your skin, be sure to get it checked out as soon as possible by your GP.

You can visit any of our experienced GP’s for your regular skin check or you can make an appointment with Dr Roger Halliwell, Dr Greg Shrimpton or Dr Nicole Hutchison who offer additional experience in skin cancer identification and treatment. Dr Roger Halliwell also offers Skin Cancer Imaging, magnifying the skin with a camera attached to a Dermatoscope, to keep track of changing lesions over time.

Why Choose Robina Town Skin Cancer Clinic

Robina Town Skin Cancer Clinic offers Skin Checks, Skin Cancer Imaging, Biopsies and a range of Skin Cancer Treatments such as Excisions, Cryotherapy, Curettage and Topical Treatments to help simplify skin cancer care for our patients. We liaise with other specialties when needed and coordinate the treatment process such as after confirmation of melanoma.

Rest assured our skin doctors are dedicated to providing you with professional, comprehensive care. The Gold Coast has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in Queensland so it’s essential to make your skin a priority. Book a skin check appointment at Robina Town Skin Cancer Clinic today, we look forward to welcoming you.