Skin Cancer Clinic – FAQs

We’ve prepared a range of frequently asked questions about our Skin Clinics. Click on each question to display the answer.
Does it matter which clinic I visit out of Robina or Easy T?

Dr Brian Larter at Easy T Skin Cancer Clinic offers a range of skin cancer services including advanced surgical services.  If you would like a simple skin check you can see any of our GP’s at Robina Town or Easy T Medical Centre. 

Can I visit your skin clinic if I'm not already a patient at your medical centre?

Yes! We welcome new patients to visit our Skin Cancer Clinic even if you see another GP for your general health concerns. We also welcome our existing patients.

How should I prepare for my skin check?

During your skin check, your GP needs direct visualisation of the skin. Please do not wear makeup on the day or remove it before your appointment. You can leave your underwear on but will need to remove outer layers of clothing.  You may request a nurse chaperone, this means a nurse is present in the room during your skin check. Please contact Reception to request this when you book your appointment as we will need to ensure a nurse is available at the time of your appointment. 

What happens during a skin check?

During your skin check, your GP will inspect your skin from head to toe, looking closely for any suspicious or abnormal moles, freckles or lesions. Please tell the GP if there are any spots or freckles on your skin that you are concerned about. 

What's the difference between a skin doctor and a dermatologist?

Skin Doctors and Dermatologists differ in cost, facilities and access. Most GP’s and skin cancer clinics do not require a referral to access their services. GP fees tend to be lower than dermatologists. Dermatologists may have more specialised equipment and our Skin Cancer Doctors will refer you to see a dermatologist or other specialist if needed. 

Can I just book in for a skin check with my usual doctor?

Yes, you can book in with your usual doctor or any of our GP’s to have a skin check or a specific mole checked.